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About Us

Rex Design Sdn Bhd is an established company in Malaysia that offers the best virtue and creative design services in Interior Design and renovation work to our prospective clients.

Throughout our establishment, Rex Design is well known in our full range specialization of service, compromising Interior Design as well as construction work by understanding the client's need.

Despite this, we always love to go one step further in fulfilling more inspiration than what they expected in order for Rex Design Sdn. Bhd. to be one of Malaysia leading brands in Interior Design.

At Rex Design, we are committed to our vision and mission to be the premier Interior Design and furniture brand in Malaysia which is recognized by discerning clients for our excellent services in virtue, style, innovation, and etc.

With a team of creative designers, we are proud in services to cater for our clients from commercial as well as residential areas.

Specified dedication designer will input great design ideas and renovation work for many forms of built-in furniture into the project to a great beautiful eye-catch!

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